This website is dedicated to guitar tablatures that I wrote myself either because I could not find them anywhere or I found versions that were not satisfactory (to me at least). I joined a recording of my performance :-) for each tab but just to illustrate it ( sort of assuming my responsibilities : it is only for you to hear what it sounds like before scratching your head decoding the tab !).

I include here a WARNING so that there should not be any misunderstanding :

  1. I am a total amateur and these tabs are ASCII tabs.
  2. The tabs you will find here are in no way perfect in that, among other aspects, the rhythm is almost absent and many bar notations more than approximate. I do not claim either a note-for-note accuracy . I simply listen carefully to the tunes .
  3. Also take into account that I do not claim any particular talent in guitar playing. The audio demo is there only to show what the tab will enable you to get.
  4. I am everything but a guitar teacher, having only basic notions of musical notation. Sometimes I am led to give some piece of advice but it is only because it works for me at the moment. It has nothing to do with a training cursus !
For more than ten years now, I have been receiving messages of congratulations from users of these tabs , some of them being very enthusiastic. I recommend you not to overrate the quality of what you find here.  The point for me is to be useful. I'll be satisfied if you have the same pleasure as me to play the guitar, pleasure being never so great as when we share it.

Since I wrote those lines I have somewhat improved my tabbing abilities using Guitar Pro for some picking tunes . Hope you'll enjoy.

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